Actively Creating Positive Momentum


Actively Creating Positive Momentum


February 17th-19th | Los Angeles, California

Change your story by changing your paradigm. It is the only way to bridge the gap between how you’re currently living and how you want to live.


A leader is anyone who causes movement in a system. Therefore, everyone is a leader because we all cause some kind of movement in our organizations simply by our presence.

However, not everyone is effective.

An effective leader creates the results and the life they want.


An organization is a collection of individuals that are in relationship.

These relationships are with each other but they are also with literally anything an individual comes into contact with in the organizations (i.e., themselves, goals, values, processes, chairs, parking places, etc.)

If all the varied relationships that make up an organization are working well the organization will also likely be working well as consequence.


Leadership is the activity of causing coordinated movement in an organization that produces the actions necessary to create desired results.

Learning about what comprises coordinated movement is what leadership development is all about.

Relationship quality and leadership effectiveness go hand in hand.

Ultimately, being an effective leader (causing movement that creates desired results) is important for every single aspect of your life - both personally and professionally.

Leading effectively can mean the difference between living the way you always have and living the life you truly want after a breakthrough.

Let's consider how leadership can affect your everyday life...

Have you ever inspired others to take action on an idea or goal?

Or perhaps you've come up with a creative idea which led you in a new direction, and you followed it through to success even in the face of great resistance.

Maybe you automatically look for and find the good in others.

Those are all characteristics of a good leader.

Developing and enhancing your ability to lead will not only transform your professional life, but it will also improve your attitude and outlook, ability to solve problems, self-talk, and even your bank account.


This seminar synthesizes more than 100 years of study, application, and teaching to explain what true leadership is and how it can transform each area of your life.

Fourth Dimensional Leadership combines a mix of knowledge, tools and strategies from human behavior theory, organizational development, performance management, best-practice and evidence-based leadership concepts.

This is not a form of magical thinking. It is the intentional act of living today as if the future were already here! The power of this is transformational. It moves you out of the paradigm from which you habitually live your life and into a different dimensional reality.

Over the course of the two-and-a-half-day seminar Bob, Sandy and Blaine will zero in on each of the four dimensions to show you how to live in a perpetual state of “what if…?”

The possibilities that are awakened when you live in that state are profound! It gives you the potential to move your experience of current reality into another dimension…the dimension of the ideal.

Possibilities don't exist in reality. If they did, they would be examples! As a leader, you want to be in the position to manifest examples of your   ideals… in your life and in your organization.

When you look around and see examples of ideal possibilities existing in the lives of others, you’ll know how to manifest them into your life and your organization so that they are tangible examples of your dreams in reality!


By Earl Nightingale

The outstanding leader in any field is societies most valued person. Every organization needs leadership. You do not raise morale, it filters down from the top. People will always reflect the attitude of the leader. Behind every outstanding success is an outstanding leader. This leader works early and late and when not working is thinking and planning.

This leader can go to work almost anywhere he or she chooses. He does not ask for work but shows up and leads the way. He is a specialist and not a jack of all trades. The best way to develop security that lasts a lifetime is to become outstanding at one particular line of work. As long as you are in the top 5% of that industry you’ll always be in demand. You have the world on a string. You are confident and quietly aware of your ability and intimate knowledge of your particular work. She is the homemaker or student who is at the top of the group. They have it made and they and everybody else knows it. Am I now such a person?

The first step is to make one big and important decision. Andrew Carnegie said, “Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.” Just make sure that you are a vital part of your company. Do more than you’re paid to do. Are you a part of the cargo or a part of the crew? Are you getting credit for more than you’re actually doing? Are you doing less than you could be doing? Any job that is worth doing is worth doing well.

A leader is any person who realizes the importance of becoming a bigger and better person with the passing of very day, week and month. A leader takes the responsibility of his own growth. Maintain a cheerful helpful attitude toward everyone. Why shouldn’t you be cheerful since you know you’ll achieve everything you’ve set your heart upon.

Be a sponge for information that will help you on your way. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll reach your goal but don’t be impatient. Know and have faith that what will come to you will come to you at the right time. Everything operates as a result of law, God’s law that is true and unchanging. Having sown you’ll reap the rich results that come automatically.

Success does not come naturally. It requires the conscious utilization of ourselves in the service of others. We can become whatever we seriously make up our minds to become. Whatever we seriously decide to do is naturally linked to our genetic possibilities. Just pursue your natural aptitude.

The Four Dimensions of Leadership

The four dimensions that leaders work with while striving to achieve coordinated movement are:


  • Understanding the fact that consciousness or spirit precedes matter. Everything in the Universe is interconnected; everything manifested in the exterior (matter and thought) has an interior and that interior is a consciousness that is common to all.
  • Knowing how to access and work with the spirit that is common to all is the key to developing a leadership foundation that enables sustainable success in life.


  • Understanding that this is where paradigms—a collection of habits that control our behavior—live.
  • Discovering how to shift and change a paradigm to create your desired results – personally, professionally and spiritually.


  • Time is a master paradigm that is common to everyone. It is often a barrier to the experience of success because it is poorly understood and poorly utilized.
  • Space is the domain of the senses and is the place where “reality” is manifested. Again, what space actually is (a field of vibrational frequencies) tends to be poorly understood and utilized.


  • Highly effective leaders have mastery over themselves; they have developed awareness and practices that enable them to excel.
  • Effective leaders give themselves a command and follow it – they have strengthened their will and are disciplined.









Fourth Dimensional Leadership Seminar

February 17th-19th | Los Angeles, California

Fourth Dimensional Leadership is a unique approach to leadership development and enhancement. Our model is grounded in relational principles and creating coordinated and meaningful movement within an organization or group.
It was developed from working with thousands of executives, managers, supervisors, and team leaders in dozens of industries.

This seminar will help you:

  • Implement or enhance your vision and mission and align them with your daily activities
  • Connect with your purpose and establish or synchronize immediate, intermediate and long-term personal and professional goals
  • Learn how to develop and support motivated, focused, enthusiastic staff
  • Enhance relationship and communication skills
  • Deal effectively with personal and workplace challenges
  • Enhance problem-solving skills
  • Manage conflict and “crisis” situations more effectively
  • Reduce and manage stress
  • Turning ideal possibilities into reality

Learning to be an effective leader will have lasting effects on every area of your life.

This Is NOT A Motivational Speaking Event.

This IS a Teaching Seminar Where You Will Learn How to Effectively Lead Yourself and Others to Live a Productive and Fulfilling Life – Personally, Professionally and Spiritually.


Bob, Sandy and Blaine will cover the depths of leadership and work with YOU on becoming an effective leader over the course of this 2-and-half-day seminar.

The goal is to show you how to become a FOURTH DIMENSIONAL LEADER who causes coordinated movement that creates the actions that create unexpected and even unreasonable results!

Bob went from being a self-proclaimed loser to a world-renowned leader in the personal growth movement —
In the early 1960s, Bob was a high school dropout with a resume of dead-end jobs and a future clouded in debt.
By studying Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, he found the initiative to start an office cleaning business, which he grew to an international scope in his first year of operation. He was making more than $100,000, and soon his salary topped $1 million.

Bob realized the building maintenance was almost incidental to what he was really doing. You see, he had unconsciously put education as the foundation of his business, and he was busy teaching cleaners the truth about their potential and how to set and achieve goals.

Completely baffled by the truly dramatic changes that had occurred in his life, Bob had to answer the burning question – WHY? … Why did his life change? How could a high school dropout with no business experience be creating such success?

He knew if he could answer this question, he could share it with others so they could do the same – and he set out on a new journey.

Bob started to study the mind, human potential and himself with some of the greatest minds the world
has ever known.

He even took a significant cut in pay to move to Chicago to work shoulder-to-shoulder with Earl Nightingale and his business partner, Lloyd Conant. He started at just $18,000 a year, but he quickly moved up the ranks to become Vice President of Sales at Nightingale-Conant.

Bob continued to read and study, and it awakened something powerful in him. It set his imagination on fire. He envisioned the most beautiful picture of building a global company dedicated to helping people live the life they were truly meant to live.

In the early 1970s, Bob wrote his first book, You Were Born Rich, which became an international bestseller. Then, he established his first company to take to the world the life-changing philosophy that he had discovered.
Bob is charismatic and insightful, with a deep voice and ages of wisdom. Like all great leaders, you WANT to listen to him, you WANT to learn from him, and you WANT to become all you can be because of him.
So he began teaching tens of thousands of people around the world how to believe in and act upon the greatness of their own minds.

Then, something amazing happened…

He received a call to be in the groundbreaking movie The Secret.
Being in The Secret was a turning point in Bob’s career. With a half billion viewers, the movie allowed him to reach millions
of new people.

Bob is now a world-renowned teacher and leader on the mind, human potential, and success.
As one of the first inductees into the Personal Growth Hall of Fame, Bob has carved out a spot in history by lifting others up
to their potential and dreams.

It’s incredible to have a story so blatantly show the power we each have to overcome any circumstance and transform ourselves into an extraordinary leader an industry that we are passionate about.

Of course, leading comes naturally for some people. So what happens when you’re already an effective leader running a company, and then you want to make a change? Can you reinvent yourself and still rise to the top of a new field?

You’ll see in Sandy’s story that, when you follow your heart, you can become a leader in any field you choose.

Sandy went from doing what she’d trained all of her life to do to fulfilling her purpose –

In 2006, Sandy was one of the leading banking attorneys in the country. As an equity partner at her law firm, she handled billions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions and was an adviser to boards and executives of Fortune 500 firms. By most standards, she appeared to have it all and was the vision of success.

One day she found herself at what she thought was going to be a Leadership Seminar that was actually a Bob Proctor Event.
At the time, she didn’t even know who Bob Proctor was and when he explained some of his ‘most powerful’ success tools like the Stick Person, she actually laughed.

She had no idea then the impact that simple success tool would have on her life. Sandy started using it every single day to expand her awareness and improve her personal and professional success.

At that event, Sandy experienced a powerful moment of clarity where she realized she was completely missing a crucial part of a fulfilling life – purpose.

When Bob asked the audience to write their goal in their binders, Sandy wrote in the tiniest little text:
“I want to create a program with Bob Proctor to bring into the companies I have worked with for 3 decades. I want to be in the inner circle of this great company and be Bob’s closest advisor.”

And she set out on her journey of discovering and fulfilling her purpose—irrespective of all the years of schooling and hard work she had invested in becoming one of the leading banking attorneys across the land.

There were trials along the way where Sandy was forced to step fully into her purpose or back into safety. When given the challenge to ‘Hit Send’ on an email announcing that she was closing her practice and following her dreams, Sandy didn’t hesitate to jump and grow wings.

Fast-forward to today and Sandy is not only Bob’s closest adviser, but she is also the leader of the company they co-founded. As the CEO of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Sandy’s life is full and she’s living her purpose by helping millions of people around the world with the very best personal growth information available.

Just as Sandy’s life changed in a powerful moment of clarity while attending Bob’s event, a similar thing happened to Blaine. Only his moment came from a traumatic event in his life.

Blaine went from helping leaders reach goals that are important to the organization to developing leaders who achieve goals that are meaningful to their own lives.

Blaine’s life has been defined by two events…

The first was a vivid dream he had in the mid-70s. In the dream, he was sitting in a chicken coop. It was dark, smelly, and dusty, so he crawled through the small chicken door out into the light. The sun was dazzling and warm as he looked
across the barnyard.

In the distance, he saw a gate that was slightly ajar. He walked over to the gate and saw a path on the other side. The trail was clear and well-formed, but it disappeared into the distance.

Blaine heard a resounding voice in his head that said:
“You can stay here, or you can cross over.”

At that moment, Blaine was certain about two things.

The first was that he HAD to step onto that pathway. The second was that he would be lost more often than he would
be on a clear course.
Blaine knew the path represented personal development so he started walking it even though he had no idea where it would lead him.

Over the next three decades, Blaine developed a reputation for being a major innovative voice in leadership management and executive coaching. He worked with some of the biggest leaders in the world, helping them achieve
their business goals.

But then, the second life-changing event occurred.

In 2010, Blaine lost his wife. Her death caused him to re-evaluate what he was doing with his life, and he realized that he had gotten off of “the path.” Although he was very successful, something fundamental was missing—his work wasn’t
meaningful to his spirit.

Blaine also realized that most business organizations crush the life out of people because they require them to do things that don’t call the human spirit forth.

From that point on, Blaine decided to bring his spirit to life in his work and in everything he does.
Now he works with leaders in a fundamentally different way. He coaches them to make space to access spirit so that what they say they want is what they actually want, and not what society, Wall Street, or their quarterly business goals
say is important.

Most everything Blaine does in his life today is something he WANTS to do. And he teaches others how to access the spirit within them so they can do the same.

What kind of leader will you be?



LIVE Streaming access to the two-and-a-half-day Summit

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When I first started studying Bob’s material in 2013, I set a goal of becoming a freelancer and a famous interior, architect, and designer! Back then, I was working as the head of the interior design department at a college in Cyprus. By the end of 2013, I became a freelancer owning my own business HappyANTS interior architecture and design. In December 2014 two world famous interior magazines with over 750000 viewers each, featured two of my projects and a publisher asked for photos of my projects to include them in their books on interior design. During 2015 I got two contracts for two renovations in two European countries, hence expanding my work overseas. All of these are a result of going through the BPC and TIR.


Because of my Dad, I listen to programs like “The Success Puzzle”, “Lead The Field” and “The Terror Barrier,” all of which have had a profound effect on my life. This work, established by Bob Proctor, has helped to change my life for the better. Since 2010, I have truly listened to what Bob had to say and put his teachings into practice. I went from an average Network marketing guy in 2010, to now, a business leader producing over $100,000-%250,000 in monthly sales with business now expanding into 5 countries and growing.

I now have the fastest growing most successful team in Ecuador and we continue to break records all because this is something I really really wanted to create. My Dad and Bob both helped me to give myself permission to do so! My results have been phenomenal and continue to manifest themselves in the form of greater opportunities for me and my team in South America. It wasn’t always that way, but now it is because I finally discovered the key to success and how to make a proper decision, thanks to Bob Proctor.


We are now 7 months into Bob’s 13-month program. In addition to Mia and I participating in Bob’s 13-month program, we have made the “Six Minutes To Success” program available to our staff. The two big revelations so far which have transformed our business are the concepts of “Use Value” and moving our thinking from the competitive to the “Creative” plain. We have regular meetings with our staff to discuss these two concepts, and to discuss what they have learned from “Six Minutes To Success”. Most importantly, our staff have enthusiastically embraced Bob’s concepts and applied them into their own lives, and to help our clients. We increased our turnover, with a higher margin, in a stagnant market, with exactly the same staff, infrastructure and overheads. Our staff delivering to clients report that they feel as though they are not working as hard, as our clients welcome them, and appreciate our staff’s contribution to the client’s success. We greatly appreciate Bob’s lifetime of learning, and his ability to communicate this wisdom so simply and succinctly. We are profoundly grateful that Bob came into our lives.



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